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  • Financial Aid and Scholarships

    In addition to the scholarships offered by universities, there are also various financial aid and scholarship programs that are provided by Türkiye, check out these links:

    Türkiye Scholarships

    Council of Higher Education Scholarship  

    Job Opportunities and Careers in Türkiye

    There are plenty of working opportunities in Türkiye during and after your studies. Consulting career offices, attending career fairs and creating an online CV in webpages dedicated to matching up employees with employers are the most utilized ways of looking for a job in Türkiye.

    Difference between employment categories:

    Part-time: Part time job carries fewer hours per week than a full-time job and it is paid.

    Internship: Internship is a temporary position that allow the trainee to gain work experience that will be useful for future career plans or to satisfy requirements for an academic qualification. Internships are often unpaid.

    Full-time: In Türkiye, you can go into the job market after you have completed your academic studies and have obtained your qualification. Full-time jobs require a work-permit.

    Visa Information

    It is highly recommended that international students who wish to pursue further education in Türkiye should check the visa requirements of Türkiye for their home country in a timely manner . Please visit the Republic of Türkiye Ministry of Foreign Affairs’s web section for the different visa types and general information about Turkish visas.